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Dementia Care

Our home is designed to provide a safe, caring, and welcoming environment for people living with dementia. All members of our Dementia Care Team have received extensive, specialised training in dealing with all types and levels of memory impairment. Our staff has undertaken extensive training to guarantee that each individual who stays with us at Queens View Harbour Care Home is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Our Activity Coordinators consistently meet or exceed resident expectations, engaging with dementia residents and their families to create activities and therapies that are suited for their specific needs and to assist them in thriving as much as possible. Daily planned activities increase social and mental stimulation and interaction while also relieving any frustrations that might be associated with dementia.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a neurological disorder that impairs several elements of cognition, including speech and memory. People living with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest with the right care and support, while our team members help them preserve their sense of self and independence for as long as possible. Queens View Harbour Care Home understands that no two people with dementia are the same and that although some may only require minor assistance with daily activities, others may require much more. Our Dementia Care is tailored to each individual, and our home and staff provide the perfect environment for people to live a happy and full life.

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Dementia Care at Queens View Harbour

Our staff has completed intensive dementia care training, and we are proud to be able to deliver the greatest degree of care and respect to each patient. We are committed to providing services to our residents that enable them to reach their full potential and live happy and comfortable lives. Regularly scheduled activities promote social and cerebral stimulation, as well as the resolution of any frustrations or tensions associated with dementia. Our house was built with specialised designed areas and a sense of the need for comfort and familiarity, as well as practical amenities such as en-suite bedrooms and an appreciation for the value of specific comfort items.

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What You’ll Find at Queens View Harbour

In order to guarantee the happiness and welfare of our residents, our care home has been carefully constructed to offer a wide range of amenities and services aimed at helping residents live a fulfilling life.

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Dementia Care FAQs

Before residents move into Queens View Harbour Care Home, we arrange a consultation with our Home Manager, the prospective resident and their loved ones. This is a crucial step in ensuring that we can tailor our care to meet their specific needs. We work closely with them to understand their daily routines, interests, and preferences, all of which are integrated into their personalised care plans. Our approach revolves around putting the individual at the centre of everything we do, with the aim of preserving their independence and dignity while assuring them that we are here to provide assistance whenever they need it.

We are committed to investing in the training and growth of our staff. Particularly, our dementia care team receives ongoing training to stay relevant to the latest developments in dementia care and support. Our teams are well-equipped with the expertise and skills to deliver efficient care to our residents with dementia. This includes offering assistance with activities, therapies, communication, mobility, medication management, and personal care.

Queens View Harbour Care Home offers a diverse activities programme for all residents, encompassing both group and one-on-one activities. Our offerings include regular arts and crafts sessions, music therapy, reminiscence activities, and more. These activities and therapies are thoughtfully selected to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all our residents, including those living with dementia.

Meeting Your Needs with Personalised Care

At our care home in Troon, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of care services for different healthcare needs. We believe that every resident should receive the highest standard of care, and the opportunity to pursue their interests and hobbies while making new friendships.

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