One of Our Bedrooms

Luxury Rooms & Suites

Our bedrooms here at Queens View Harbour Care home in Troon are always designed with our residents at the heart and soul of them. Troon is a charming beach town on Scotland’s west coast, in the county of Ayrshire. Queens View Harbour Care Home is wonderfully positioned for local residents and their loved ones to experience everything that Scotland has to offer since it is surrounded by an abundance of places to visit and things to do. Residents are encouraged to continue with their current hobbies and interests or to try new ones in and around the Troon community. 

Our charming en-suite rooms have been tastefully designed to the greatest possible degree. Bedroom furnishings, a specialist bed, TV, WiFi, a Nurse Call System, and an accessible en-suite are all included in all rooms across the Queens View Harbour campus, which are all designed for comfort and convenience. Each room has its own phone line,  making it easy for residents to keep in contact with loved ones at any time of day or night.

Queens View Harbour Has Your Back

Our ‘move-in coordinators’ and exemplary team members are on hand to assist new residents in settling in as quickly as possible at Queens View Harbour Care Home. Our professional team can assist residents with shifting furniture and equipment into their new rooms. We want the transition to be as painless and enjoyable as possible, which is why we always ensure that there’s someone on hand to help. We plan the move with the residents and their families and are there to assist them throughout the process.

Bedroom Amenities
Bedroom Amenities

Welcome To Your New Home

Residents at Queens View Harbour Care Home can take full advantage of group living in a warm and inviting setting with other people going through the same experiences as them. We take great delight in preserving liberty while still respecting privacy and choice. Our mission is to provide individualised, customised care that is tailored to the needs of those who live with us. We encourage people to make friends and fully embrace a group-living lifestyle in addition to providing highly professional medical treatment. It is our goal to make Queens View Harbour Care Home a happy place to live for all of our residents.

One of Our Bedrooms
One of Our Beds

Our Luxury Bedrooms: What To Expect

Our beautiful en-suite rooms have been thoughtfully created to make our guests feel safe and comfortable. We believe that providing a location where individuals may personalise their surroundings, invite friends and family, and truly call home is really important.

Stunning Sea Views

Our residents have access to some incredible coastal views from their very own bedroom windows. These views are beautiful all year round, no matter how sunny or cloudy it might be, and if you look really closely, you’ll surely be able to spot plenty of local wildlife.

Plenty of Space

All of our rooms are spacious, giving all of our residents enough room to move around comfortably. This also makes it a lot easier for those of our residents who might need a wheelchair to get from A to B, as well as ensuring there’s lots of space for visitors.

A Chance to Be Different

No two of our residents are alike. So, why should their rooms be? Although all of our rooms are expertly decorated, that doesn’t mean our residents can’t put their own spin on them. We encourage our residents to bring photographs and decorations to make them their own.

Nearby Garden Area

All of our residents, no matter what floor their room is on, are welcome in our beautiful garden. Whether our residents are looking for somewhere to socialise, or somewhere quiet to think, they’ll find what they’re looking for here.

Easily Accessible Bathroom

Our bedrooms are en-suite, meaning there’s a personal bathroom located inside their room for only them to use. These bathrooms have lots of space to move around in, as well as plenty of space, making them perfect for all of our residents to use.

Help When You Need It

A Nurse Call system is installed in all of our rooms, so that no matter the time of day, our residents can get the assistance they need. In fact, this system isn’t only installed in their bedrooms. They’re actually in place all throughout the facility, ensuring maximum safety.

En-suite Room FAQs

We’ve compiled a fully comprehensive list of the top three questions we are asked about our en-suite bedrooms and facilities. If your question is still unresolved, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff. We would love to help.

All of the rooms here at Queens View Harbour are completely furnished, from specialised beds to wardrobes and drawers. However, that’s not to say that our resident’s own personal items aren’t encouraged. If you would like to bring certain items of furniture with you, you’re more than welcome to bring small pieces with you.

You’re allowed to bring small pieces of furniture, as well as any trinkets or knickknacks that might make your new room feel a little bit more like home. We encourage photographs and ornaments to help brighten your room up. Structural and permanent design changes will, of course, need to be discussed and approved by the Home Manager.

All of our residents are allowed to invite their friends, families and loved ones to come and visit them at Queens View Harbour whenever they’d like to. Come day or night, residents can rest assured that they’ll always be able to reach their loved ones.

Queens View Harbour Care Home & You

Queens View Harbour Care Home has been designed to encourage group living: we are proud of our warm, friendly atmosphere, coupled with our spectacular views and coastal ambience. We firmly believe that residents should be able to enjoy a lifestyle they love and in addition to our extensive facilities, we also ensure that residents can continue doing their normal everyday activities.

High-Quality Care Remains Our First Priority

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our residents. At Queens View Harbour Care Home in Troon, providing high standards of care is vital, and you can rest confident that you will receive care that is second to none, 24 hours a day. Our devoted, compassionate, and experienced team delights in providing person-centred care that respects privacy and dignity. We can modify and evolve the care given as needed as individual needs change over time, working in cooperation with residents and their families. All of this takes place in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment where all of your needs are met.

Resident and Staff Smiling

We’d Love to Hear from You

We always love to answer any questions you might have and help everyone understand exactly how and why we do things here at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We invite you to arrange your tour with our Home Manager today by emailing or by calling us on 01292 435 971 to chat about your needs. By filling out our Enquiry Form, one of our team members will be alerted and will respond to your question as soon as possible.