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Respite Care

We are proud to offer exceptional standards of Respite Care in our purpose-built facilities at Queens View Harbour Care Home. Respite Care allows you or a loved one to relax and rejuvenate in the skilled hands of our great care team, so we can get you back on your feet in no time, regardless of how long you choose to stay with us.

Our Respite Care programme allows residents to rest and heal while also allowing caregivers and family members to unwind and shut off for a while. Our kind and knowledgeable staff are trained to recognise and respond to a wide range of health concerns, allowing them to provide individualised treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a short-term care alternative that allows primary carers to take scheduled and unscheduled breaks from their full-time responsibilities of looking after an individual. We’ve created a respite package to allow you to take the time you deserve while knowing that your loved one is completely safe in our hands. Whether it’s to help a loved one with extra support after a stay in the hospital to help them get back on their feet or to recharge, get some medical treatment for yourself, or just take some time out, we’ve created a respite package to allow you to take the time you deserve.

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Our Approach to Respite Care

We want to make sure that our residents feel like they can live in a safe and happy environment when staying at Queens View Harbour, with a high level of care that’s been adapted to their personal requirements. We take a holistic approach to care that addresses the health, well-being, and interests of all of our residents, which is a priority shared by all members of staff. Our home was designed to provide optimum comfort and accessibility to its residents while allowing them to preserve as much independence as possible, for as long as possible.

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When is Respite Care Necessary?

Respite care is designed to be a positive experience for both the residents and the caregivers, and one that they’ll cherish forever. Caregivers’ health is equally as important as the health of the person they are caring for. The quality of care offered by a caregiver who is anxious and tired is likely to suffer as a result, affecting the caregiver’s ability to function successfully and provide the best level of care they can. Whether you are caring for a loved one or simply need a breather, you can rest assured that you will find a secure, inviting, and supportive environment.

High-Quality Care Remains Our First Priority

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our residents. At Queens View Harbour Care Home in Troon, providing high standards of care is vital, and you can rest confident that you will receive care that is second to none, 24 hours a day. Our devoted, compassionate, and experienced team delights in providing person-centred care that respects privacy and dignity. We can modify and evolve the care given as needed as individual needs change over time, working in cooperation with residents and their families. All of this takes place in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment where all of your needs are met.

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Medical Services Offered

There are various medical services available to our residents that are not included in the overall charge, but we believe are critical to have on hand in the event of an emergency. We want our residents to feel brand fresh and full of life when they come to live with us at Queens View Harbour and enjoy every day they spend with us. As a result, while you stay with us at Queens View Harbour Care Home, you’ll have access to the following amenities.


One of the first things that deteriorate as we become older is our vision. Regular visits from local opticians are available at Oakdene Care Home to ensure that our residents’ eyesight is well cared for.


Our residents can participate in periodic physiotherapy sessions to ensure that their aches and pains are well taken care of. Our joints and muscles can deteriorate as we age, making physiotherapy even more vital.


Residents who require dental care during their stay at Queens View Harbour Care Home have access to a local dentist with whom they can schedule appointments and see as frequently as they choose.

GP Visits

If one of our residents wants to make an appointment with a local physician or GP, they are welcome to do so. If they are okay with it, we can also make an appointment on their behalf. We want to make sure our residents always get the very best treatment.

Queens View Harbour Care Home & You

Queens View Harbour Care Home has been designed to encourage group living: we are proud of our warm, friendly atmosphere, coupled with our spectacular views and coastal ambience. We firmly believe that residents should be able to enjoy a lifestyle they love and in addition to our extensive facilities, we also ensure that residents can continue doing their normal everyday activities.

We’d Love to Hear from You

We always love to answer any questions you might have and help everyone understand exactly how and why we do things here at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We invite you to arrange your tour with our Home Manager today by emailing or by calling us on 01292 435 971 to chat about your needs.