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A Bespoke, Handcrafted Menu

Residents at Queens View Harbour Care Home have access to a tantalising and diverse range of food on a daily basis. Due to our in-house professional chef’s skill and determination, we are always able to provide a wide assortment of delectable culinary selections for our residents to try. Our highly qualified cooking crew considers all cuisine tastes and dietary concerns while crafting our breakfast, lunch, and tea menus.

We recognise the value of a well-balanced meal in maintaining the overall health and well-being of all of our residents. We change our menus on a regular basis while keeping familiar favourites to guarantee that our residents look forward to every meal time. The food supplied is appropriate for all of our residents, with hot and cold selections as well as soft and easy-to-eat meals available.

Conscious Eating & Fine Dining

We endeavour to give residents the finer things in life, such as first-class meals, at Queens View Harbour Care Home. Our goal is to provide a seasonal menu of high-quality dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. We take great satisfaction in creating healthy and appealing cuisine that is both nutritional and enjoyable. Every day, our in-house Chef prepares all of the delicious meals, which contain all of the residents’ favourites.

Residents Socialising Over Afternoon Te
Afternoon Tea

Choices for Individuals

When creating menus, our talented Chef addresses all allergies, cultural preferences, and dietary restrictions that our residents might live with, ensuring that each meal is suited for everyone. We strive to meet the needs of our residents, whether they are vegetarians, pescatarians, or vegans. We go above and beyond to learn about our residents’ likes and dislikes, and we do everything we can to accommodate them.

Chef Finishing Off Dinner
Fish and Chips Dinner Platr

What You’ll Find in Our Dining Areas

Queen’s View Harbour Care Home has introduced a variety of meal options that are both convenient and pleasant for all residents. Each mealtime will be as enjoyable as the previous one before it, thanks to an expert culinary crew and a wide range of delectable cuisines to choose from.


Taking a Moment to Celebrate

Residents can use one of our lovely, spacious private dining rooms to invite friends and family to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or simply to enjoy a private supper. Residents and their loved ones can spend quality time together in a private room, ensuring that no special occasion is missed or left uncelebrated.

An Ever-Changing Menu

Our meals are modified on a regular basis to guarantee that our residents are eating the best food possible, prepared with the freshest ingredients available. As the seasons change, so do our menus, ensuring our residents have the opportunity to indulge in some of their favourite cosy Winter dishes, as well as their lighter, Summer-style snacks.

Dining & Socialising in Style

Our catering team ensures that each dining space is clean, comfortable, and equipped with all of the facilities that our clients require, allowing them to concentrate on their meal and appreciate every moment. Residents can eat lunch in their rooms, outside if the weather permits, or in a private dining area if they want; we believe it is important that residents have complete discretion over their meals.


Dining FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions about the food options at Queens View Harbour Care Home. If your concern isn’t addressed here, please contact our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to help.

In our ever-changing, seasonal cuisine, only the freshest and most responsibly produced ingredients are used. Our skilled in-house chef and kitchen staff take great care to ensure that our residents receive the most nutritional, high-quality meals they can. We urge our residents to share their favourite cuisines and foods with us so that we can incorporate them into our menu.

During mealtimes, if you would like to have the opportunity of eating in the communal dining areas or in the privacy of your own rooms, that is entirely up to you as one of our residents. They can also invite and organise family gatherings in a private dining area at Queens View Harbour or outside if the weather permits.

Residents have a range of dining options to choose from. Our kitchen staff recognises and respects personal preferences, cultural requirements, and dietary restrictions.

Queens View Harbour Care Home & You

Queens View Harbour Care Home has been designed to encourage group living: we are proud of our warm, friendly atmosphere, coupled with our spectacular views and coastal ambience. We firmly believe that residents should be able to enjoy a lifestyle they love and in addition to our extensive facilities, we also ensure that residents can continue doing their normal everyday activities

High-Quality Care Remains Our First Priority

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our residents. At Queens View Harbour Care Home in Troon, providing high standards of care is vital, and you can rest confident that you will receive care that is second to none, 24 hours a day. Our devoted, compassionate, and experienced team delights in providing person-centred care that respects privacy and dignity. We can modify and evolve the care given as needed as individual needs change over time, working in cooperation with residents and their families. All of this takes place in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment where all of your needs are met.

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We’d Love to Hear from You

We always love to answer any questions you might have and help everyone understand exactly how and why we do things here at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We invite you to arrange your tour with our Home Manager today by emailing info@queensviewharbour.co.uk or by calling us on 01292 435 971 to chat about your needs. By filling out our Enquiry Form, one of our team members will be alerted and will respond to your question as soon as possible.