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Queens View Harbour Care Home provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for individuals who want to benefit from the advantages of group living while still maintaining their freedom. Our compassionate team of professionals assists those people who are unable to maintain their regular daily routines and tends to all of our clients who require a little additional assistance with daily tasks.

Our goal is to give residents 24-hour medical care and overall well-being help through a variety of methods, including our superior services and facilities so that they can live a happy and productive life every day. Our goal is to give all of our residents the best possible quality of life.

Residential Care & Queens View Harbour

Residential care at Queens View Harbour Care Home entails a wide range of services designed to best assist those of our residents who require support with everyday duties and activities. Bathing, dressing, personal health maintenance, medicine, and mobility are examples of these daily responsibilities our residents face. Residents are encouraged to treat our care home as if it were their very own home, and we urge them to go about their daily life as usual while taking advantage of numerous services and facilities on site.

Living Area
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Our Approach to Residential Care

In addition to their care needs, our Residential Care approach prioritises our residents’ overall health, well-being, and hobbies, ensuring that they have all they need to live a productive and meaningful life while at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We are committed to assisting our residents in living their lives as they see fit, with as much or as little help from our teams as they desire. Our tenants enjoy the benefits of shared living with like-minded individuals without the headaches of household management. Residents are gaining confidence and independence, as well as better health and a more active social life.

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Living Area

When is Residential Care Necessary? 

If you or someone you care about is struggling to live alone and keep up with daily chores, residential care may be required. When living alone begins to have a negative impact on one’s emotional or physical health, this type of assistance and regular care may be required. Residential Care is for people who need a little extra help on a daily basis to keep doing the activities they enjoy, but who are otherwise self-sufficient and don’t require any amount of substantial assistance on a daily basis. We’re here to assist residents in achieving their daily objectives, with as much or as little guidance as they require.

High-Quality Care Remains Our First Priority

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our residents. At Queens View Harbour Care Home in Troon, providing high standards of care is vital, and you can rest confident that you will receive care that is second to none, 24 hours a day. Our devoted, compassionate, and experienced team delights in providing person-centred care that respects privacy and dignity. We can modify and evolve the care given as needed as individual needs change over time, working in cooperation with residents and their families. All of this takes place in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment where all of your needs are met.

Medical Services Offered

There are a variety of medical services available to our residents that are not included in the overall charge, but which we believe are critical to have on hand in the event of an emergency. We want our residents to feel brand fresh and full of life when they come to live with us at Queens View Harbour and enjoy every day they spend with us. As a result, while you stay with us at Queens View Harbour Care Home, you’ll have access to the following amenities.


One of the first things that deteriorate as we become older is our vision. Regular visits from local opticians are available at Oakdene Care Home to ensure that our residents’ eyesight is well cared for.


Our residents can participate in periodic physiotherapy sessions to ensure that their aches and pains are well taken care of. Our joints and muscles can deteriorate as we age, making physiotherapy even more vital.


Residents who require dental care during their stay at Queens View Harbour Care Home have access to a local dentist with whom they can schedule appointments and see as frequently as they choose.

GP Visits

If one of our residents wants to make an appointment with a local physician or GP, they are welcome to do so. If they are okay with it, we can also make an appointment on their behalf. We want to make sure our residents always get the very best treatment.

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Queens View Harbour Care Home & You

Queens View Harbour Care Home has been designed to encourage group living: we are proud of our warm, friendly atmosphere, coupled with our spectacular views and coastal ambience. We firmly believe that residents should be able to enjoy a lifestyle they love and in addition to our extensive facilities, we also ensure that residents can continue doing their normal everyday activities.


We’d Love to Hear from You

We always love to answer any questions you might have and help everyone understand exactly how and why we do things here at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We invite you to arrange your tour with our Home Manager today by emailing or by calling us on 01292 435 971 to chat about your needs. By filling out our Enquiry Form, one of our team members will be alerted and will respond to your question as soon as possible.