Living Area at Queens View Harbour

Residential Care

Queens View Harbour Care Home provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for individuals who want to benefit from the advantages of group living while still maintaining their freedom. Our compassionate team of professionals assists those people who are unable to maintain their regular daily routines and tends to all of our clients who require a little additional assistance with daily tasks.

Our goal is to give residents 24-hour medical care and overall well-being help through a variety of methods, including our superior services and facilities so that they can live a happy and productive life every day. Our goal is to give all of our residents the best possible quality of life.

What is Residential Care?

Residential care entails a wide range of services designed to best assist residents who require support with everyday duties and activities. Bathing, dressing, personal health maintenance, medicine, and mobility are examples of these daily responsibilities our residents face. Residents are encouraged to treat our care home as if it were their very own home, and we urge them to go about their daily life as usual while taking advantage of numerous services and facilities on site.

Living Area at Queens View Harbour
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Residential Care at Queens View Harbour

Our residential care approach at Queens View Harbour prioritises residents’ overall health, well-being, and hobbies, ensuring that they have all they need to live a productive and meaningful life while at Queens View Harbour Care Home. We are committed to assisting our residents in living their lives as they see fit, with as much or as little help from our teams as they desire. Our tenants enjoy the benefits of having access to our private gardens directly from their rooms, shared living with like-minded individuals without the headaches of household management. Residents are gaining confidence and independence, as well as better health and a more active social life.

Bedroom Amenities
Living Area at Queens View Harbour

What You’ll Find at Queens View Harbour

In order to guarantee the happiness and welfare of our residents, our care home has been carefully constructed to offer a wide range of amenities and services aimed at helping residents live a fulfilling life.

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Personalised Care Plans

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Physiotherapy Appointments

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Residential Care FAQs

Residential care is a great care type for those who require assistance with their personal care and/or mobility needs. Residential care is suitable for those who feel lonely in their own home and would therefore benefit from group living. Similar to residential care, nursing care also provides 24/7 care and support but is suitable for those who require medical attention from a team of registered nurses who can assess health conditions and administer medical treatment.

The care plans we develop for our residents are regularly monitored and assessed. If residents’ care needs change during their time at Queens View Harbour, our team will work with them and their family members to adjust their care plan as necessary to ensure residents’ needs are always being met. Queens View Harbour Care Home provides a continuum of care meaning that should care needs change, they can transition to another care unit at our home.

The services and facilities provided in a care home will vary, but at Queens View Care Home, you can expect around-the-clock care and support with personal care and medical care as well as housekeeping and laundry services, meals, activities, entertainment and facilities available as part of our all-inclusive package.

Meeting Your Needs with Personalised Care

At our care home in Troon, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of care services for different healthcare needs. We believe that every resident should receive the highest standard of care, and the opportunity to pursue their interests and hobbies while making new friendships.

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