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Caring for someone with dementia is different to other diseases, due to its complex, unpredictable and progressive nature. Complex care needs include intimate personal care as the ability for self-care declines, increasing levels of supervision, emotional support, decision-making, behaviour changes and coping with the risks to safety. Both our home and the surrounding area of Kilmarnock is the perfect environment to support those living with Dementia.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning — thinking, remembering, and reasoning — to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Alzheimers.org.uk describes this disease as, “A group of symptoms that include problems with memory, thinking or language, and changes in mood, emotions, perception and behaviour. Dementia is a progressive disease, which means symptoms may be relatively mild at first, but they get worse over time.”

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What is Dementia Care? 

Dementia Care is specialist support from a professional carer experienced in the specific challenges the condition presents. When receiving appropriate care and attention, those living with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest, participating in their favourite activities and spending time with their friends and family. When residing in a care home residents are able to receive assistance from trained specialists who are on hand to help manage their condition night and day.

Dementia Care at Queens View Harbour

We are honoured to assist residents with dementia in leading happy, healthy and rewarding lives. We understand that people living with dementia require elements of specialised care, thus our staff is highly trained and certified to handle all aspects of dementia. At Queens View Harbour Care Home, you can rest assured knowing that our team is continually learning new things and receiving ‘Promoting Excellence in Dementia Care Training’ to ensure they are providing the finest care possible to each and every one of our residents. We are proud to hold a 10 out of 10 score from carehome.co.uk

Support From Specialists

Queens View Harbour provides care for a variety of needs that those living with Dementia need. Our dementia caregivers are fully trained and equipped to meet the needs and expectations of people living with dementia and provide 24-7 support, from assisting with daily duties to administering medications and managing treatment plans. Our devoted, compassionate and experienced team delights in providing person-centred care that respects privacy and dignity. We can modify and evolve the care given as needed as individual needs change over time, working in cooperation with residents and their families.

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Active & Healthy Lifestyle

Being able to continue doing the hobbies and activities that a person with dementia enjoys will be beneficial to their overall health and wellbeing. Maintaining mobility, enhancing mood and lowering stress are all advantages of continuing to participate in activities. Our Wellbeing Coordinators create a fun and stimulating activity programme for our residents. From inviting entertainers to visit us, such as singers and therapy pets through to group sing-a-longs, quizzes, film days and baking.

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Comprehensive Care

When caring for someone who has dementia, it’s important to care for them comprehensively; supporting both their mental and physical health. To keep as much mobility as possible, it is necessary to encourage light activity, whether through light walking or seated exercise, such as yoga. We also understand the role a well-balanced diet plays in an individual’s life and as a result we vary our menus on a daily basis while retaining familiar favourites. We have provide hot and cold selections, including soft, easy to eat options. During their stay, we make it a priority for residents and their loved ones to feel safe, valued, and well cared for. This comprehensive approach to care allows residents to live a rich and fulfilled life every day.

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Dementia Friendly Activities 

We value the importance of a diversified activities programme for all of our residents at Queens View Harbour Care Home. Our residents are kept engaged, stimulated, active and sociable by providing entertainment, activities and days out, all of which are designed to improve overall health. Our Wellbeing Coordinators go to great lengths to provide a programme that includes a diverse choice of activities for all of our residents. These also include board games, creating memory boxes and inviting live music entertainers to our home which are specially created for our dementia residents.

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Dementia Care in Kilmarnock & Surrounding Area

We are fortunate to live in a supportive community. Kilmarnock is ideal for our residents, as it provides a safe space for them to explore. Local Dementia support includes:


1. Dementia: Post Diagnostic Support APP
This free App provides information about understanding dementia, managing symptoms, healthcare advice, making community connections, accessing peer and carer support, decision making and understanding your rights. To download the App, go to the platform you usually use to get new apps on your smart phone, and search for “NHS Ayrshire and Arran”. Download it, install and open it, then search for “Dementia”.

2. Dementia Friendly Walks
The Vibrant Communities Team at East Ayrshire Council have added two Dementia Friendly Walks to their walking programme after consulting with people living with the condition and their carers.

3. Dementia Training
Dementia Friendly Prestwick is delighted to offer free, bespoke dementia training to groups and organisations in the town, to better equip the whole community to be able to help people to live well with dementia in Prestwick. This programme combines very practical guidance about communication advice with an overview of the many different types of dementia and how each progresses.

4. Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre
Alzheimer Scotland provides services and support across Scotland to help anyone who is worried about their memory, has a diagnosis of dementia, or who is supporting someone with dementia. Whether you want information and advice, peer support or personalised support services, including day opportunities, or activities in your community, the Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre can help. The Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre host regular sessions that are to be enjoyed by anyone living with dementia or experiencing difficulties with their memory, including their families and friends.

5. Alzheimer Scotland 24hr Helpline
The 24 hour Helpline provides information, signposting and emotional support to people with the illness, their families, friends and professionals. The Helpline is staffed by trained volunteers supported by staff at Alzheimer Scotland. Many of the volunteers have had personal or professional experience of caring for people with dementia. Volunteers on the Helpline can provide information right away if you have any questions or concerns, as well as send out free information to carers, family members or people with dementia. You can email: helpline@alzscot.org or call 0808 808 3000.

Queens View Harbour Near Kilmarnock

Queens View Harbour Care Home is situated in the beautiful town of Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland. Nestled in the town that proudly houses an award-winning beach, Queens View Harbour Care Home is in the perfect location for residents and their loved ones to enjoy some of the most wonderful views Scotland has to offer, including those that overlooks the Isle of Arran

Recently awarded the prestigious Scotland’s Beach Award for 2021, Troon beach is easily accessible by car in under five minutes, with crazy golf, play park, and refreshments all close at hand. Situated along from the beach, residents can find Troon Marina where peaceful strolls, delicious bites to eat or visits to the famous Ayrshire Fish Market can be enjoyed.

The local area surrounding Queens View Harbour Care Home offers a peaceful yet active lifestyle, and only enhances our residents’ stay with us. Our Activities Team works hard to create a widely varied programme that offers residents fun and stimulating experiences held both inside our beautiful home and outside, in the local Troon and Kilmarnock area.

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Comprehensive Care at Queens View Harbour

Queens View Harbour is founded on the belief that each resident should be given every opportunity to live a full and independent life in a safe and caring environment. Our residential and nursing support staff are available to assist clients in living as independently as possible with as little or as much assistance as they require. Our care services and professional teams have been put together for our residents who live with age-related physical, mental, and emotional difficulties to alleviate any and all stress that everyday routines can potentially cause; removing these day-to-day challenges allows residents to thrive throughout their stay with us. We strive to provide a wide range of amenities and opportunities that enable our residents to live their lives to the fullest. From quiet afternoons reading, to gardening activities, to day trips to Kilmarnock, our amenities and services have been carefully selected to provide residents with a lifestyle rich in variety and choice.

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