Dementia Care in Ayrshire

Situated in the historic and picturesque county of Ayrshire, Queens View Harbour is a purpose-built care home in Troon that offers residents Dementia Care as well as Residential, Nursing, and Respite Care. Our home provides luxury accommodation and exceptional facilities to those who require elderly care and those with specific health conditions.

What does Dementia Care mean? 

Dementia is a condition that typically impairs a person’s cognitive abilities, including their memory and the way they think and communicate. Dementia comes in numerous forms and stages, and it can affect each individual very differently. People can receive dementia care in a variety of settings including residential and nursing care homes, both of which are designed to provide support and assistance to those living with the progressive condition. 

The way in which dementia care is provided is dependent on each individual’s case and takes into consideration their stage of dementia and symptoms. Identifying signs and symptoms of dementia is the first step in figuring out what support is required for yourself or a loved one. Symptoms of early to mid-stages of dementia can appear in many ways including, but not limited to, forgetfulness with dates and appointments, struggling in social situations, and experiencing challenges with daily tasks. These may be an indication that dementia care is needed. 

As a progressive condition, symptoms of dementia can worsen over time, although this is at a different rate for each individual. When dementia is at a more advanced level, some may experience a loss of awareness and their surroundings or experience difficulty with mobility and communication which may require specialist support. To help establish what kind of support is required, an assessment may be carried out. A care home is an option for dementia care and is a supportive environment where specialised, professional care is provided around-the-clock by a team of nurses.

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Carer and wheelchair user

Supporting our Residents with Dementia 

Queens View Harbour is proud to provide dementia care in Ayrshire and the local community. Our team of professionals are on hand to support all of our residents, including those living with dementia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a highly-rated home with exceptionally qualified staff, all of which have the knowledge and training to care for indidivudals with dementia. It is important to us that our staff undergo regular dementia training so that we can continuosly deliver the best possible care based on latest research and methods. 

The environment in which dementia care is given is extremely important. Our home is fully equipped with everything our staff requires to provide both medical and personal care. Our teams are also excellent at identifying which therapies would be useful for our residents with dementia as well as knowing when chnages to medical plans are necessary. If you’re searching for dementia care in Ayrshire, the team at Queens View Harbour will provide support and advice to help with your decision. Prospective residents are invited along with their loved ones to have a consultation with our Home Manager to help establish which solution is right for them.

We recognise that every resident that we welcome through our doors come with their own specifical and individual needs and interests. That is why we pride ourselves on creating personalised care plans that ensure ensures each resident receives effective care that is right for them. Residents also have their very own en-suite room with us which they are free to customise as they wish with belongings and small furnishings. We also have an activities team who are fantastic at creating a weekly programme that is diverse and inclusive and incorporates engaging social and 1:1 activities.

Exploring Ayrshire and the Surrounding Areas

Our home is set in the quaint harbour town of Troon and benefits from other neighbouring towns in Ayrshire such as Irvine and Prestwick. Famed for its fantastic stretch of coastline and vast rolling hills, this area on the southwest coast of Scotland has plenty to offer those who enjoy spending their days admiring nature. For instance, Troon Beach and Eglinton Country Park are both wonderful locations for taking a stroll, getting some fresh air and taking in the idyllic views.

For those with children or grandchildren, the Fullarton Fairy Trail is a fantastic experience set amongst woodlands, where families can wander, enjoy a picnic and look out for carvings and fairy houses. With such areas of natural beauty all within 20 minutes of our home, it is truly beneficial for our residents, especially those living with dementia, as they can enjoy the peace and calmness that the great outdoors offers. Closer to home, residents can also make use of our own gardens, whether to read a book, do some gardening or enjoy an afternoon tea.

There are also lots of leisure and culture opportunities in and around our home. As the birthplace of Robert Burns, Ayrshire is home to a museum where you can learn all about the famous poets life. For those who enjoy a spot of shopping and lunch, Ayr Central Shopping Centre offers an array of high street retailers and eateries to explore. Whether its shopping, eating, or history our residents are interested in, there is something for all ages and interests in Ayrshire.

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We’d Love to Hear from You

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding our dementia care in Ayrshire or any of our other services. You can call us on 01292 435 971 or email us at If your query is less urgent, then we welcome you to fill out our Enquiry Form and a member of our team will reply as soon as possible.