Taking our Residents Where they Want to Go

At Queens View Harbour, we highly value our resident’s feedback and we listen closely to what they want to see from us. It is important to us that we are providing our residents with everything they need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

In order for this to happen, we hold regular Resident Focus Groups where the residents get the opportunity to discuss their ideas and suggestions for life in our home, as well as out.

One of our residents recently expressed his wish to visit a newly developed farm on the outskirts of Maybole. With thanks to one of our Activity Coordinators, Clea, we were able to make this happen for our gentleman resident, who was involved in the planning and organising of the trip and invited two of his farming community friends to come with him.

Clea managed to arrange the day out by writing a letter to the farmer to request permission to visit his farm, and the gentleman and his guests were invited for a grand tour of the dairy and given a very knowledgable talk about how the farm operates, milk yields, and much more about the daily life of a modern dairy.

The trip was a success, with all three gentlemen being very appreciative of the opportunity, and our resident still talking about it with staff. The next plan for this resident is for a day out to play Croquet with his farming community buddies, which we are planning to facilitate this coming June.

Another outing that has recently taken place was to the much-loved local garden centre, Dobbies, which is less than a 20-minute drive from our home. Two of our lady residents have a great interest in gardening, flowers, and plants of all kinds.

As a result, Lorena, another one of our Activity Coordinators arranged for a day out at Dobbies, so the ladies could look around the home shop, peruse all the different plants on sale and even stop for lunc and a drink in the Garden Centre Café.

It was a positive experience for our residents, who enjoyed going out in a small group for a spot of shopping and socialising. We enjoy our small group outings and look forward to the delivery of our new vehicle this week, which is a smaller type of vehicle with wheelchair access.

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