Our Approach at Queens View Harbour

When it comes to providing care here at Queens View Harbour Care Home, we take pride in ensuring that every single person who sets foot in our home receives a fantastic, high-quality service. A service we’re proud to provide, and one that makes our residents feel like the very best versions of themselves. We value empowerment here at Queens View Harbour, and we value our resident’s independence and free-spirited nature above all else. However, that’s not to say that we always make the well-being and comfort of our residents our number one priority while they stay with us. 

At Queens View Harbour Care Home, the care we provide to each and every one of our residents is incredibly varied and individual. None of our residents is exactly the same, so why should their care be? We pride ourselves on making sure that our residents are getting the very best care, and the care they need and deserve. Here, we welcome all members of the Queens View Harbour family through our front doors, and we wish them the best, most fulfilled stay with us.